Veterans Fund Rally in Oroville,CA 2009 Veterans Fund Rally in Oroville,CA 2009 Sign In at the Feather Falls Casino lot the sign ins complete with donuts and coffee, with raffle prizes and paperwork! 116927918 Casino Lot here we met new riders and talked on what shortcuts to make!! haha 116927917 more gather to sign in... 116927915 Casino Lot getting ready to head out. 116927919 me, GF and Brother 116927921 First Stop in Brownsville area Willow Glenn, a nice place on the way to Oregon House and wine country!! 116927922 Willow Glen some more accumulate!!! 116927923 the last stop after 115 miles!! the run started and ended here at the casino.... 116927920 what? Victories?? oh yea a Harley got to let one in a picture now and then? Hey Judy whats up? 116927914 couldnt resist.... sorry... this is a good run and it gets better every year and not that far to go goes to the vets....its good 116927924